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Pebble Erasers

These draftsman's erasers have an appealingly rugged, pebbly shape, with lots of edges and corners to suit the vagaries of necessary erasures, whether broad sweeps or tiny corners or narrow lines. They come in black, white, and gray, and as you use them, they look more and more rounded, like the pebbles in a rushing stream.

Terrain Printed Jar Set

If you're a home canner and are wildly popular with your friends for your delightful pickles, jams, chutneys, and the variety of your home-grown herbs, then you can delight the multitude by giving them all presents of these culinary achievements in jars that are labeled with the names of their contents. Just don't go putting the habanero hot sauce in a jar labeled "delicious Jam," if you know what's good for your friendships.

Pineapple Cubes

Well, let's see. They're sugar syrup cubes flavored with pineapple and dusted with granulated sugar, and they come from Selfridge's, that oh-so-British department store that carries such exotic delights as-pineapple cubes. Also Rosey Apple balls, Cola Cubes, and a frightful quantity of others, dontcha know?

Kapu Coffee Scoop & Bag Closer

The epitome of a certain TV chef's much-desired “multi-tasker.” this simple sleek gadget looks like a clothespin with a little bowl at the end, and that exactly what it is, if by "clothespin" you mean "coffee bag closer and sealer" and by "little bowl" you mean "integral coffee scoop." Why reach into the utensil drawer more than once? Life's too short.

Live Now

Gift Genome often steers buyers towards the goofy, the quirky, and the downright frivolous, but it's time for a change of pace. This book, written by Eric Smith (and numerous collaborators) after his cancer diagnosis, is a compendium of uplift and joy. As the saying goes about living – if not now, when? This book will help you get to the now.

MI-O Cell Phone Cradle

Okay, so your juicing up your cell phone, and you've got the little wall wart plugged into an outlet, but where you gonna put the phone proper? Leave it on the floor and it's a snack for the dog (or the toddler). Run the cable over to a table and you've got a tripwire. Here's some simple genius – use the cell phone cradle, an L-shaped dingus you plug into the wall, into which you plug the wall wart, and on whose little shelf you rest your phone. Safe, sound, tidy, and worry free. Now if someone could invent one for our lives...

Zip Buds

We all love our private portable tunes, but we all hate the way the damn earbud cables tangle like Charlie Sheen's romantic life. Now you can do what you've been wanting to tell Charlie to do for a long time – zip it! These cables are actually zippers, with a zipper pull, that zip together to form a tangle resistant whole. They sound good, too, and unlike old Charlie, they make a lot of sense.


Do you know a person who has plenty of nothing, and nothing is plenty for he/she? Then give them some more! It's a cardboard hang-tag with a blister bubble of plastic containing – nothing! It even says so on the label, absolutely nothing! For those dear ones you care nothing about, nothing is better.


A flat panel roughly the size of a sheet of letter paper, covered with elastic bands of various widths woven in a pattern that puts one in mind of a basket weaver on LSD. Yet there is clever method to this seeming random madness. Each band stretches so you can tuck your various electronic helpmates and gizmos under it, and thereby keep everything safe, organized, and accessible. The oddball spacing means you can find the right size keeper for just about anything.

Palette Coasters

Wooden coasters built to look like the big shipping palettes you see outside warehouses. They project an aura of industrial strength coaster-dom, and you'll feel comfortable putting down the heaviest glass on one of these. They come in a cardboard box that's tied to (you guessed it) a couple of palette coasters. Break out the Tonka forklift!