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Wintercheck Factory William Wallet

Sort of a straitjacket for the compulsive wallet-stuffer, this simple fold of stiff plastic only holds the basics-driver's license, a couple credit cards, maybe a flat thumb drive, and some folding money. The stiffness keeps the men from bulging out their suit pockets, and keeps the women's bags so much less cluttered.

Lines for All Occasions Books

A reference library for the non-verbal, the slow-witted, and the unoriginal. Which is all of us at one time or another. This series of pocket sized books encompass such titles as Insults And Comebacks For All Occasions, Pep Talks For All Occasions, and even Platitudes For All Occasions. Well, whattya know!

6-Pack Beer Holder

You know those little aluminum or plastic bottles affixed to the down tube of your fancy-schmanzy bicycle, meant to be handy for re-hydrating? Well, here's the blue-collar equivalent – a harness that fits around the top tube of said bicycle (or its working-class equivalent) that lets you sling a sixer of bottles while you're tooling around town. Of course, one drawback is that to keep everything in balance, when you drink a brewski, you'll have to drink another one from the other side, at the same time…

Tembo Trunks

Sooner or later everything comes full circle – from the great big Victrola "His Master's Voice" trumpet horn loudspeaker to the ultra-individual iPod nano and back again. Tembo Trunks are collapsible speaker cones that fit around the earbuds and make them into great big trumpet horn loudspeakers! So you can share your tunes when needed.

Pouchee Purse Organizer

For women who are tired of reaching into their handbags for their cell phones and pulling out hairpins, tissue (new and used), checkbooks, and what-all comes the female equivalent of a wallet, with pockets, slots and spaces to keep things tidy. Easily transferrable from one purse to another so the neatness isn't confined to one look. Although a big step forward, it will deprive men of the astonishment of seeing a woman upend a handbag over another to accomplish the change. Progress has its price.

Madsen Cargo Cycles

This cargo bike is to your standard delivery bike what an eighteen wheeler is to a minivan. Massive strength, unbelievable cargo capacity (the rear cargo tub is big enough to hold two removable bench seats for passenger use), a front rack, and beautiful in the way a well-formed draft horse can be.

One & Only Custom Headboards

Basically works of art to put where a headboard would go. Mixed media on canvas, available with an optional gold frame, these works will look over your slumbers with an esthetic puissance that mere hardwood or leather could never achieve.

Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer

The folks that gave you a way to keep your leftover wine fresh, have stepped up to the dessert plate with this handy gadget. consisting of a handle on a hollow core with some blades attach, you poke the toothed end of the hollow core into the pineapple, twist until the cutters pull the tool through the pineapple, then pull the cored, spirally-cut flesh out in one plug! The things they can do....

Fuego Con Queso Lighters

The name means "cheesy fire" and one can't help but think it's a tongue in cheek description of the product. It's a reusable lighter case made from recycled materials, and decorated with some of the gaudiest graphics you've ever seen. Supposed to last forever, and destined to become your favorite flamer.

Quotable Drunkard

We all know that knocking back a few tends to loosen the tongue and lead to remarkable volubility. Mostly drivel, of course, but some of our species gain inspiration and lucidity of a deeper level when in their cups. This compendium of their thoughts and utterances will delight you and ease your conscience for all the times you slobbered "I love you, man!" after that second six pack.