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Fabric & Handle Tote Bag

Will the flood tide of things to carry other things around in never cease? No, and why should it? Especially when designers come up with something as handsome as this capacious chambray fabric tote adorned with riveted leather handles. Adjustable handles let you customize how low the bag hangs! Big, sturdy, and beautiful. Kind of like the Maria Sharapova of totes.

Veggie Cutters 6-pack

A tool kit for those foodies who like to make pretty shapes out of boring old vegetables. Slice your carrot, cucumber, or even rutabaga, and put the cutter of your choice (bird, star, crinkly circle, swoopy shape) to them, and giggle while you gobble. Makes party food out of anything.

Ork Posters

No, these are not pinups of fetching monsters from The Lord of the Ring series for geeks to put on their walls the way some of us displayed Farrah Fawcett. They're bold graphics of major cities with their various neighborhoods outlined and labeled in quirky type fonts. You can get each map in various color combos. Would Minneapolis come in ice-blue?

Custom Beer Pong Table

Okay, it's clear that demographics are being refined into the absurd (or sublime, if you like). This demographic is clearly The College Kid That Made It Big But Never Grew Up. It's like a bowling lane for beer pong, with lighted red triangle to aim for, a swooping dip in the middle to optimize your bounce, and a highly polished wood surface. This is what you're going to see when ESPN broadcasts the World Series of Beer Pong.

Penguin Mini Modern Classics

So you like the rich, satisfying taste of world-class literature but aren't always in the mood for the ten-course War and Peace banquet? Well, Penguin is here to serve you up some tasty snacks: mini-classics. These (50) are paperbacks that contain a short work from a globally famous writer (like Kafka's In the Penal Colony), that'll take the edge off your culture appetite until you can get to the library for a full repast. It's like a Snickers Bar for your soul.

Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper

Hooked on habaneros? Silly for scotch bonnets? Then get out of the playpen and into the boxing ring of chili addiction – buy some ghost peppers. The hottest in the world, and just the thing to purge your palate of every last nerve ending. Judging by the logo, "ghost" is not just the name, but also the effect, of this killer capsaicin vehicle. But tasty!

Wine Tote

And yet another thing to carry other things in, this one a unitasker. Plain-jane canvas bags made in just the right configuration to carry that life-saving bottle of wine (or two, for the double totes) with you into the urban wilderness. Each one has a silk-screened decoration with a wine bottle carrying a wine-making region's name or the name of a major metropolis. Pop the cork, guzzle a glass, and imagine yourself in Tuscany. Or Brooklyn.

Map Tote

You can never have enough things to carry other things around in. This batch of natural canvas tote sacks are capacious, simple, and each one is decorated with a schematic map of a world-class city (think Paris, or Queens). Let the metropolis of your choice be with you always as you schlep.

iBike Dash

It's not enough to be a fast-twitch-gifted luster after winning any more. Now you have to be a tech geek as well. These little gizmos analyze all sorts of parameters of your bike ride, kind of like an aircrafts "black box." And with the same goal in mind – to tell you what you were doing wrong when you crashed and burned. Brains and brawn-who'da thunk it?

Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere

Looking like a futuristic desert city, this collection of tubes, spheres, and support struts is like Le Corbusier took post grad work in architecture school on Mars just to design a banging ant farm for you or the kids. Incorporates lenses in the spheres to magnify the dedicated little workers as they make their way around their far-out digs. One look at this gadget and it's pretty plain that no self-respecting ant will be satisfied with those little sand-between-two-panes-of-glass little slums they've had to put up with until now.