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Temple Parachute Tote Bag

We are all for re-usable bags and using one made out of a WWII military issue parachute is just plain sweet! Made from lightweight, rip-stop nylon, this bag collapses down into a 4"x4" pocket sized packet when not in use. These bags are the product of an artist collective and are made with lots of passion. The bags are meant to stand up to the demands and wear that comes with a life of adventure and travel.

Organic Nation Gin

I'm sure you have all heard the hoopla surrounding the organic food movement – well here is a chance to get ahead of the curve and become a first adopter of organic spirits. Now you can drink and feel good about yourself while doing it. Organic Nation, based in Ashland, Oregon, distills its vodka and gin from organic rye, wheat, and corn. The gin has hints of lavender, mint, and citrus and makes a great gin and tonic or the perfect base for your favorite martini. Enjoy responsibly!

Henckels Paring Knife Set

Just admit it. We have all watched shows on the Food Network and wish we could whip up a meal like Jamie Oliver. While there is no kitchen implement that can make you an instant Emeril, here is something that will make your life a lot easier. J.A. Henckels, the world renowned Germany knife manufacturer now has an economy line that fits the bill. The knives are colorful, dish washer safe, hygienic, and most importantly, bloody sharp!

Nissan Thermos

Who doesn't own half a dozen cheap "insulated" coffee mugs that have been collected over the years from various bagel houses and coffee shops? They keep coffee warm about as well as a Styrofoam cup. Well, today is the day that you throw them ALL out. Thanks to Nissan's vacuum insulated thermos, we can all now get our hot caffeine fix straight through the day. The unbreakable stainless steel exterior makes it perfect for the groggy trips to the car each morning and the drink lid locks down for leak-proof travel. It looks stylish and keeps hot things hot for 8 hours.

Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill

BBQing inside while wearing pajamas used to be the last act committed by those wanting a visit from their local fire department or a ride to the asylum. But now, in rain or shine, snow or sleet, the Minden Master Range Top Grill delivers all the barbecue taste without the fire hazard. Using a sturdy grate design, enameled steel firebox and cover, the grill can be used for open-flame cooking on any standard, raised electric, gas or propane stove with adequate ventilation. Keeping the grease within the grill not only prevents flare-ups, but also ensures food cooks evenly.

ENO Double Nest Hammock

For the wandering outdoorsman who may occasionally want company. The ENO Double Nest Hammock has room for two and gives you an excuse to snuggle up to your partner. Made from high-strength breathable nylon with a built-in stuff sack, the ENO Double Nest holds up to 400 pounds and at the end of the day, it packs down to the size of a grapefruit. Take it from us, there is nothing better than hammock camping under a star-filled summer sky. Thanks Jacks!

Clean Up Soap

Get clean while doing good! That is the vision of the non-profit organization, Cleanup. The sale of every "mine" of soap supports landmine removal efforts, survivor assistance, and the Cambodia Landmine Museum. The founder Hideaki Matsui created a very poetic metaphor for landmine removal--as the soap disappears, so do the landmines. We hope you'll help the cause!