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Stuffed Hamburger Press

Well, this reviewer was going to indulge in the usual snark about Williams-Sonoma offering the world's best selection of unitaskers, but this time they have something truly original to offer. Stuffing burgers with cheese, ham, even chili is all the rage, but making them is sloppy and inconsistent. Voilá the stuffed hamburger press which fills two patties and crimps their edges perfectly, making a beefy package of yummy goodness. Thanks Williams. And you too, Sonoma.

Ktrak Skicycle

So you always liked to bicycle, and you always like cross-country skiing, and you've been racking the old noodle about how to get them to hook up. Along comes Ktrak with their bicycle-to-skicycle conversion kit that puts a ski where the front wheel should be and replaces the drive wheel with a toothed track operated by the bicycle's crank. Two great sports that go great together!

Life Doc Organizer

A binder with a plethora of index tabs to correspond with important events and structures in your life, and plenty of space to put the corresponding papers in. One stop shopping for your life's necessary documentation. Take that, shoebox-on-the-top-shelf-of-the-closet!

Incense Matches

Now here's good old American know-how at work. You've got incense, and you've got a match, neither one much use without the other. So why not eliminate all uncertainty and combine the two? That's right; strike a match, burn some incense, automatically. Doesn't last as long as the average joss stick, but that just means you can go from coconut to rain to French Vanilla in the space of a half hour. Commitment to incense is overrated as a virtue.

Curiosities Kit

Doodads and odds and ends of stuff you'd normally have in a kitchen drawer melding themselves into a monolithic block of 'stuff,' but packed into a little box and kept separate so they're actually useful. Butcher's twine, little greeting cards, rhinestone glitter, etc. For when you need that one special little touch of cheesiness on whatever you're putting together as a Valentine's present. Or a tip for the mail carrier.

Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallows

These are being billed as a ready-to-hand substitute for coffee when you don't have time to whip up a cuppa. This reviewer thinks that's a cover for a bunch of sweets-addicted speed freaks who just wanted to get their fix of sugar and caffeine jolt whenever and wherever they felt like it. Well, good for them, and good for you, too, if that's what you've been waiting for. And sometimes that describes all of us. Happy hyper-caffeination to one and all.

Breville Convection Oven

This is one serious counter-top device, taking the toaster oven from the horse and buggy stage right up to the twin turbo V-12 level. Stainless steel, nonstick interior (ever try to clean your toaster oven? Then you know), nine preset functions that use the five heating elements and the convection fan to best use in each application, and a 21st century LCD readout all make for one sleek roasting, broiling, toasting, baking beast.

In Cute Company Key Cap Set

Oh boy, are these cute. Cute as a box of kittens. Cute as a bug. Cute beyond cute, into a realm of quintessential cuteness not normally found in nature. And they fit over your keys and help you differentiate them when they're all on the same key ring. Probably shouldn't be used by males at all, and only by females. Cute ones.

Binocular Flask

What looks to be a pair of binoculars is actually a portable flask designed to help you get your favorite tipple by the ticket-takers, and allow you to drink without paying stadium prices. Its use requires a little circumspection, as the eyepieces unscrew to give access to the booze. But if anyone asks why you're sucking on your binocular eyepiece, just tell them you're giving your eyeteeth a peek at the world. And then probably offer them some to keep from getting socked.

Fisheye Cell Phone Lens

The cell phone is central to daily life, and why should its functionality be dictated by its manufacturer? So you have telephoto zoon capability in your high end smart phones-big whoop. Where is the ultra-wide angle fisheye, or the extreme close-up macro? Why, dangling from a lanyard around your neck, waiting to be affixed to the cell phone with its magnetized ring and turns it into a Hasselblad of phones. Ultra crisp images result, and your creative juices can flow at will.