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Concrete Ring

Stainless steel rings with concrete coating the exterior. Comes in different shapes, all with "formwork holes" as a featured part of the design. Designed so that its esthetic can change from day to day as it comes in contact with the world, it's a look that definitely isn't cast in concrete, even as it actually is.

Breakup Recovery Kit

Looking like an old-fashioned metal Band-Aid tin, the BRK contains affirmation cards, adhesive "healing bandages" with affirmations printed on them, a "remedy booklet," and even a "recovery cerificate," all to see you through the blinding agony of breaking up with your S.O. Maybe a little sappy or cutesy-poo, but it's cheaper than a quart of vodka and won't put you in danger of a DUI, or of sloppily spilling your guts to strangers.

Think Gum

This stuff is going to be the salvation of ditzy gum-chewers everywhere. It's a sugar free gum chockablock with herbs and stuff (along with a half a soda's worth of caffeine) that have been proven to goose your brain function. So some time in the future, when you see some hot fox molaring a wad of gum, you'll be able to say "all that and brains, too!"

Eames Hang-It-All

Ah, Charles and Ray Eames, those design machers from decades past. You knew they designed the iconic (the ultimate easy chair, the Eames Chair, is still being produced today), the modernistic (their stainless-steel and fiddle-back maple storage unit is the height of contemporary elegance), but you didn't know they cooked up some seriously playful stuff, too. First among equals, the Hang-It-All, which is all bent rod and colorful wooden knobs on which you hang your hat, your coat, your laptop bag, and who knows what-all.

I Dare You Game

Say the inevitable has occurred and your sex life with your S.O. has sort of petered out...or conversely, you're both having a grand old time and want to spice up the stew. Either way the I Dare You Game is just the ticket. Inside the boudoir-appropriate box are thirty sealed envelopes that contain cards printed with instructions to do something awesomely erotic. It's a game probably best played two-handed, but who knows? Maybe that boring bridge party can use a goose of excitement too.

Scratch Off World Map

Take a quarter to this map of the world, and scratch off the lottery-ticket gold coating, and you've got your very own personalized world map. This will be the only time in your life when you can get around the world without a lot of scratch.


Stainless steel fold up tweezers with precision machined points for ultimate squeezing power and unparalleled precision in placing the pluck where it's going to do the most good, these tweezers can hang on your keychain unobtrusively until some stray wood fiber intrudes on your boundaries, or for that emergency unibrow-taming session.

DIY Blood Typing Test Kit

Always good to know what your blood type is, and if it's been a long time since you've been tested, you might have forgotten. Well, buy this kit, test your blood, laminate the card with the test results, put it in your wallet, and you'll have the perfect companion to the clean underwear you should be wearing every time you venture into the big wide world.


You know those rubber thingies that keep women's toes apart while their toenail polish is drying? Well, in use these little blocks work on the same principle, but instead of toes, each one keeps four wires (USB, FireWire, DC/AC adapter) dressed, parallel, and nicely organized. And they don't indulge in gossipy chatter while they do it.


An electronic tablet about the size of a Kindle, that electronically emulates a doodle pad, with a paper-like textured surface and a stylus 'pencil' that allows you to scribble, draw, brainstorm, make lists, and who knows what-all, just like a pad of paper and a pencil. Lest you sneer at the redundancy and wretched excess of making pencil and paper electronic, with the Noteslate you get the capability of saving, sharing, and recalling.