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Revolve Tap Water Filter Bottle

Carry flask. Stainless steel. Filter element to remove industrial waste, microbes, traces of pharmaceuticals, etc,. etc., etc., from your city's tap water. Breathtaking ease of use. Minimal environmental footprint, leading to clarity of conscience. Squeaky-clean water leading to purity of body tissues. Any questions?

Ji Ga Zo Puzzle

The interface between the old technology and the new results in the Ji Ga Zo Puzzle, which contains software to turn an image of a face into a monochromatic jigsaw puzzles. Now, if you're a stay at home spinster of either sex, gone are the days when you can while away the hours with a puzzle, without having at least a laptop. Even solitude's gone hi-tech!

Giant Fortune Cookies

The name says it all. Each one the size of a clutch purse, these crunchy delights come in a spectacular array of colors, flavors, and coatings, each more flamboyant than the last. You can get one decorated for your birthday, one decorated for your wedding, even one decorated as a 'get well' cookie. Each one comes with a foot-long fortune inside, hopefully necessary to put all the zeros in for the forecast of how rich you're going to get in the future.

Destination Dinner Recipes Kit

If you're a foodie, you're always looking for new flavor profiles to cook with, and are itching to experiment with different ethnic cuisines and ingredients. But what if you live in an apartment and can't afford the space for all the half-empty bottles and tins that accumulate after experimentation with something you perhaps don't want to continue with? Enter Destination Dinner Recipe Kits – a package containing just enough of every necessary ingredient to whip up one session of a particular dish, so you can try before you buy mass quantities.

Mobileg Crutches

Crutches go hi-tech and ergonomic. The saddle is spring loaded and plush, the grips are ergonomically optimized, and the offset staff makes for easy manipulation of your poor abused body. If you have to hobble, it may as well be in maximum comfort and style.

Thera Cane

When you've got back spasms or other tight muscles, the really frustrating part is trying to dig your thumb into the muscle when your personal geometry won't allow it. Enter the Thera Cane, looking like a cross between a scythe and a knobby Celtic musical instrument, which allows you to use its strategically placed bumps on inaccessible places, using its length for leverage. Not as much fun as a personal masseuse, but so much more convenient.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

A cylinder of foam with different densities and a grid pattern for you to use to roll on when your muscles are tight and tense. Only 13" long and 5" in diameter, it's handy for travel and won't take up a lot of space in the house. Sturdy, too, for us fatties who need a massage now and again (can support up to 500 pounds).

Board Game Remix Kit

Taking the hip-hop mashup genre to the board game domain. These dementos have taken Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit and made up completely new rules for them, and lots of them, so you can always go on to a newer edition of your old fave if you get bored with the new edition. Physical book, iPhone app, and eBook. The iPhone app has a clicker and a ding noise for games with a time limit. Holla!

Cigar Box Birdhouses

Just what the name implies – birdhouse made from wooden cigar boxes. They continue the green motif by sealing all the wood with an eco-friendly oil that keeps your bird's abode safe from water, UV, and mildew. And what bird likes a mildewed nest?

Bluelounge Studio Desk

This white-laminate, natural wood structure desk with a leather insert that slides out and reveals a capacious storage area is designed to put all your extra hard drives and cable out of sight, leaving a sleek uncluttered surface to work on. You'll end up with a productive work site and only one cable to plug into the wall socket. Now if only brains could be organized so efficiently.